Women In Security

    The purpose of the Women In Security (WIS) Council is to provide support and assistance to women in the security field, as well as inspire those interested in entering the profession.  While this group's benefits and programs are tailored for women, anyone who is dedicated to the uspport of women in the security industry are welcome to participate.  Currently ASIS WIS hosts a montly call, encourageslocal chapters and regions to engage in activities and hosts meetings at the annual conference.  The Council will assist the Society in achieving its Vision and Mission by:

    • Providing high quality training and educational opportunities
    • Fulfilling the needs of members and potential members
    • Providing opportunities for the exchange of ideas
    • Assisting in the promulgation of guidelines, standards and ethical conduct
    • Promoting the Society to key aduiences
    • Enhacning the effectiveness of the Society through volunteer leadership and assisting in the continured strength of the Society


    Click here for more information on the Women In Security Council.  The Tulsa Chapter Women In Security liasion is Emily Sullivan.